Moving Files between PCs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moving Files between PCs A Step-by-Step Guide

Transfеrring pictures or documents from one computer to another is a common task in today’s digital world. No matter what you want to transfer – whether it’s work documents, multimedia files, or important data – there are a variety of ways to accоmplish this task safely and efficiently. We decided to put them all together and remind you once again of the various methods that will allow you to easily and quickly perform a PC to PC file transfer.

Choosing a File Transfer Method

Before answering the question of how to transfer files from PC to PC and choosing the best method, there are several important factors to consider. These are,

Internet connection speed

If you use online services for transmitting documents, your internet speed will play a key role.

File size

Large documents may require the use of special programs or hardware.


It is crucial to ensure that files are transferred securely. Especially when it comes to confidential data.

One of the most effective ways to transfer files is to use FTP. FTP clients on Macs provide a wide range of options for efficient file management. Understanding how to work with FTP clients for Mac is important to ensure secure and fast data transfer. There are several popular FTP clients for Mac, including Transmit, FilеZilla, and Cyberduck. These programs allow you to easily connect to remote servers and browse the directorу structure, as well as download documents. The basic steps to using FTP on Mac are to select an FTP client, set up a connection, and browse and manage documents. By using a reliable Mac FTP client, you can greatly simplify the process of sharing documents between computers. Understanding how to work with FTP clients on Mac is important when you need to transfer large data or when you need access to remote servers.

USB Storage Devices

You can transfer files from PC to PC using USB flash drives. 

Steps on how to share files between computers using USB drives


Make sure the drive has enough free space for all the documents you want to transmit.

Connection to the source computer

Insert the USB drive into the computer from which you will copy files.


Open a file manager, select the documents you want to copy, and copy them to the USB drive.

Transfer files to new computer 

Disconnect the drive from the first computer and connect it to the second.

Open the file manager on the new computer and transfer docs from the USB drive to the desirеd location.


Local Area Network is a network that connects computers and other devices withіn a limited area. That is, a home or office. The main purpose of a LAN is to provide shared access to resources. 

Configure a local area network to transfer files


Make sure both computers are connected to the same router.

Set up sharing

On the source computer, set up the folder or disk to be shared.

Transfer files

On the new computer, open your network environment, find the source computer, and transfer the docs you want.

Cloud Services

You can also use them to transfer files from PC to PC.

Popular cloud services for this task are:

Google Drive



How to use them to transfer files

Create an account

If you don’t already have an account with the cloud service of your choice, create one.

Upload files

Sign in to your account and upload the documents you want to transfer.

Access from another computer

Sign in to your account on the new computer and upload the docs you want to transfer.


Steps to transfer files via email

Create an email

Open your email client and compose a new email.

Attach files

Add the necessary documents to your email as attachments.


Enter your email address as the recipient and send the email.

Download files to a new computer

Sign in to your email on a new computer and download the attachment.

Using Special Programs

  • TeamViewer
  • ShareIt
  • AnyDesk

How to use special programs


Install the selected program on both computers.

Connect to another computer

Launch the program and connect to another computer using a unique ID.

Transfer files

Use the program’s file transfer function to move data.

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The question of what the best way is to transfer docs from PC to PC cannot be answered with a single sentence. There are many ways to transmit files. It all depends on your needs and capabilities. What will be most convenient for you at a particular moment. Using USB drives, cloud services, or a local network. Using special programs or even email. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the best way to transfer files from PC to PC, it’s important to consider the size of the docs, the spеed of your Internet connеction, and the level of security. Therefore, we hope that you can transfer files to a new computer efficiently and safely by applying the instructions provided in this article.


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